OMG – An ESMA Nomination!

Tuesday morning had a very nice start to it this week. I was emailed and advised I’d been nominated for not one, but two Page Play Equine Social Media Awards (ESMAs)!

The ESMAs were originally set up to recognise equestrian social media leaders in the UK and Ireland however they’ve quickly become a global affair. The ‘I’s’ have it for the ESMAs, they’re looking to recognise innovation, individuality, inspiration, interaction and information.

The ESMAs are an economical affair. I don’t get to fly to the UK for the ceremony and buy a new frock. I can tune into their Youtube channel from the comfort of my own home and watch the ceremony, which is cleverly made up of a combination of hosts and video clips from nominees and winners.

In a past life I was a producer of the Green Room Awards Ceremony in Melbourne, Australia. The Green Room Awards recognise excellence on the Melbourne stage across the categories of theatre, cabaret, opera, music theatre and dance. For about nine years I’d coordinate hunting down up to three hundred nominees and the production of a ceremony in a large theatre in Melbourne. I would handle the ticketing, the presenters, the egos, and to be completely honest the thought of going into the actual theatre whilst the event was running made me feel quite ill! I can’t help but feel the ESMAs have it right, making a video of it all and KNOWING it’s right before releasing it to the masses, it sounds like a much easier event to run.

The reason I’m telling you this is that through my experience with the Green Room Awards I truly ‘get’ the value in being nominated for something like this. I had to sit down when I read through the company I was keeping. Names I’ve admired from afar for many years along with newer players who I find particularly innovative. It’s a humbling experience to realise I was listed amongst them!

It also makes what has at times felt like very hard work the last twelve months feel very worth it. Deciding to launch Remote Coach and start to utilise social media as a marketing tool was a big decision. It meant I was committing myself to my thoughts and opinions in a permanent way. It meant I was exposing myself on topics that were close to my heart. It meant I would sometimes disagree with people I respected. It was scary. It still is some days. It also sometimes feels like I’ve created a monster. I’m very fortunate to have Bec Jackson of Tuesday Studios along for the ride. She’s created my lovely website and has advised, harassed, supported and laughed through ensuring I have content across social media…..sometimes she may have had to get cranky to get me to write!

I’m so passionate about working with what many others may perceive as the ‘lower end’ of the coaching scale. I can’t begin to tell you how proud and happy I am to see someone try their first canter transition without being scared or even just getting on and going for a trail ride and enjoying themselves! Sunday afternoons are happy times with students texting me with competition results. They’re not Grand Prix test results but they matter to my students and they matter to me. I jump around like a kid at Christmas if I receive a photo with a ribbon in it!! I’ve worked in many roles in my life, the music industry, the arts world, running events, managing programs. This is without a doubt the most personally rewarding work I’ve ever done.

So thank you to any of you who may have nominated me. I am very grateful and newly energised to create content and products I hope you’ll enjoy. Voting is open until Feb 10 if you feel so inclined – Make sure you take some time to look at what other nominees are offering, there are some great people and products nominated.

I think I’ll still pop a frock on to watch the awards on Youtube, and I may also just have to open a bottle of champagne.


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