Ratty Writes – Part 3

Greetings fans!

Goodness me I’ve been having some outstanding adventures. I pointed out to two-leg the other day that she’s sadly neglected her blog. She became quite huffy about how busy she’d been with things like writing new products, Equitana and having her product included on HorseHub and suggested if I wanted a blog written I could do one myself. So I have!

I have some fairly alarming news to share. I’m writing this from a long, long, long way up in the air.


I’m pretty glad I didn’t get a window seat to be honest but I think if I could open this door it’d be a long way down. I’ve been taken on ‘holiday’. A ‘holiday’ involves a small, attractive dog like myself being stuffed into a CAT crate (seriously, I know I’m small but you’d think I’d be left with some dignity wouldn’t you?) and pushed around various places then put into a big silver thing with wings. It’s a very good thing when we arrived back on land that two-leg was there to greet me and my ‘grandparents’ had purchased treats. Just wait until I tell that cat what he missed out on! I’ve been quite social in Tasmania, we visited people, ate lots of food and slept a lot. Two-leg and I went running through the bush which was fun, picking the seeds and buzzies out of my wasn’t so much fun. When will people learn not to touch my FEET!

121228 Ratty Tori


Here I am meeting the little people and helping them finish their dinner!


I’d like to note that I did not give my permission for this video to be shown. Two-leg finds it amusing, I’ll find a way to deal with her when she least suspects it.

I’ve been a very busy small dog. We’ve recently had another two-leg come to visit and she brought her two Schnauzers, Swizzle and Sweep. We had a grand old time together! We went on walks, hung around the house and on one night their two-leg went away overnight and they stayed on my bed! I had to ensure they knew my two-leg wasn’t theirs so I slept on the pillow next to her head all night so those other two girls didn’t get above themselves. I was surprised to learn other dogs are fed twice a day. I must look into this further, I do a lot of running and I’m sure more food is required.

121228 Ratty and schnauzers

We went to the vet recently. The stupid cat had to come with us. Talk about a fuss! Such a racket in the car when I was trying to sleep and he didn’t seem to like the place we went to. I thought it was great, I found lots of treats and was commended on my behaviour, the stupid cat should learn from my outstanding example. He’s not been a big fan of the Schnauzers visiting. He blames one of them for the loss of his dew claw. He also thought they had ridiculous hair cuts. I thought they looked pretty cool, I wish my eyebrows would look like that.

I think this big silver thing might be about to come back to earth now. I’d better go and hang on!!

PS – once AGAIN my call for pig ears and bling collars has been ignored. What’s a dog got to do?


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