What’s it all about?

I’ve written about how I came to create the Remote Coach audio downloads in Birth of a Download. I’m eighteen months down the track now. It feels like it’s gone very fast indeed. I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve had successes, I’ve had failures. I currently have seven riding plan downloads for sale in the store with more in the pipeline and the time’s come to try and spread the world a little further!

When you’re closely involved with a product like this it’s often easy to forget the rest of the world doesn’t always understand it as well as you do. Surely everyone is as passionate about this product as I am? No? Hopefully the following questions and answers will help you to understand the product and give you some FREE samples.

What is an audio download?
An audio download is as its name suggests. Just like a music file you’d purchase from iTunes or transfer from CD onto your computer/phone it’s an mp3 file which is able to be played via your smart phone or any mp3 player. Pretty much anything you can play music on, the Remote Coach audio downloads will play on.

Why would I want to ride with a download?
I teach many people who ride as a hobby and have busy lives juggling jobs and families. Having a riding plan when you get on your horse is not often at the top of their minds! Remote Coach audio downloads take that planning out of your ride. You simply follow the instructions. Maybe not exactly to the letter but they’ll certainly give you some ideas for your ride along with reminders on your own position! Additionally, they can provide some valuable structure to those without regular access to a coach or the finances, transport to travel to one.

Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the your downloads!We all know that it is better to leave our pride and joy in the paddock, rather than climb aboard when we are upset, angry,emotional, distracted and send them with mixed messages….Well after a ‘few’ off days, and being unable to let my beloveds have anymore holidays I spoke to the lovely Fiona Dearing, who set me up with 3 amazing dowloads. These downloads gave me something for my mind to be focussed on, something other then my bad day, something that was actually going to be constructive for my horses development and for my own headspace. The thing I love most about these downloads is that I can use them anytime/anywhere-whether it be in the arena, out in the paddock or on the trails, I always have someone I feel that I can trust in my ear to give me that extra push when I need it the most. I cannot recommend The Remote Coach Downloads highly enough!! Kylie Knight 

Try before you buy!
I’ve recently recorded three short downloads to give people an idea of the style and feel of the products without having to commit to a purchase. Have a listen to them by either clicking on the links or copying and pasting it into your browser, I’d love to hear what you think!

Your head position and why it’s so important!

Tips for a great free walk on a long rein

Just Breathe…

How much are they?
All Remote Coach products retail for under A$10 which is much less than the cost of a lesson! Additionally, if you really find you’ve not received value for money please contact me and I’ll happily refund your money.

Each audio download takes considerable time to write and record. They form part of my income. I’ve deliberately kept them at an affordable price so please, encourage others to purchase their own downloads rather than sharing with friends.

Will they be at my riding level?
Of course each download isn’t written with you specifically in mind. Each recording is aimed at a general level and offers both easier, and more challenging options of each exercise described. If you’re riding at Elementary or Second Level and above you’re probably not going to benefit terribly much from these. If you’re riding below that level then there’s certainly something to suit you!

How do I purchase a download?
When you purchase an audio download from the Remote Coach Store you’ll receive confirmation of your purchase along with a link to access the download of the file once. I suggest you download the file onto your computer, it will automatically land in your downloads folder or your itunes folder depending on how your computer is configured. Then, simply transfer it to your iTunes folder and then transfer it onto your phone or mp3 player. If something goes wrong in this process and you discover the file will only download once, don’t panic! Send me an email and I’m happy to talk you through any technical issues you may be having and provide another link for you.

You can also purchase my products directly from HorseHub where the recordings remain within the app once purchased and are able to be accessed as you wish to use them. Horsehub have a great range of other training products also.

How do I ride with it?
It’s important you can still hear noises in your surroundings whilst riding for safety. The audio downloads are only my voice talking so it’s not as if there’s a rock band or symphony orchestra accompanying the recording! Still, I do recommend you have the volume at a level where you can still hear what’s going on around you, or ride with only one headphone in. Ensure your phone or player is secured in a zipped up pocket or one of the many armband pockets available for purchase. The ones runners use look to be the most robust.

If you’ve any other queries about these products at all please leave a comment or email me on fiona@remote-coach.com.


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