About Remote Coach

Remote Coach is an innovative way of marrying commonsense and correct dressage training methods, goal setting (and achieving!) with technology. Fiona Dearing is a dressage coach based in Melbourne, Australia catering to amateur adult riders around the world.

Fiona has recognized the need many people have for guidance in their daily ride. Have you ever started schooling then run out of ideas? Remote Coach Downloads are for you! They provide exercises and riding plans across a wide range of riding areas and levels and can be played on your smart phone or MP3 player.

If you’d like to hear a FREE sample of a Remote Coach audio download please email Fiona on fiona@remote-coach.com to receive yours.

Remote Coach products also include phone, video and email coaching, increasing the availability of lessons to those who may be restricted by location, costs or transport.

Fiona also specialises in working with nervous riders, those with confidence issues in particular areas or those returning to riding after a long break.  She uses exercises and training tools specifically designed to make the rider feel safe and always in control.

Contact Fiona:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/remotecoach

Twitter – Remote_Coach

Email – fionadearing@bigpond.com

Mobile– 0400 377 351